Bay Laurel



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Digestive, Antiseptic, Anti-Inflammatory, Oral HygieneBay LaurelDalmas, Patricia. 2012. Guide Des Euax Florales et Hydrolats. Paris: Editions Medicis.103-104
Oral Hygiene, Digestive, Emotional RebalanceBay LaurelFaucon, Michel. 2018. Traite D’Aromatherapie, Les Hydrolats. Paris: Sang de la Terre.332-334
Contraindicated for Pregancy, InfantsDreaming; Sinusitis, Minor abrasions & SprainsBay LaurelFischer-Rizzi, Suzanne. 2014. Das Grosse Buch Der Pflanzenwasser. Munich: AT Verlag.175-179
Acne, Aseptic, Bay LaurelGrosjean, Nellie. 2007. Hydrosol Mon Ami. Nellie Grosjean.67-68
Toning, Aftershave,DigestiveBay LaurelRose, Jeanne. 1999. 375 Essential Oils and Hydrosols. Frog Ltd172


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