Please Consider Contributing towards Hydrosol Experiments

Hydro vs Steam Experiment

In this experiment we will be comparing both the yield (of essential oil and hydrosol) and the composition analyzed by GC-FID*) We will also measure the total volatiles left behind in the water in the pot.  This  experiment will attempt to answer whether hydro or steam creates a more saturated hydrosol and if there is any component differences between the two methods.

The results of this experiment will be published on this website and Facebook page and will be available to the public.  We will send an email to contributors once we have the results of the analyses.

Expected time of Results: 2-3 Months
Budget for Analyses:  $1000
You may contribute through Paypal (you will be redirected) or you can use your Credit Card on Paypal's site (you do not need an account) or you can simply mail a check to :
Circle H Institute | 5951 River Bend Way | Fruitland, WA 99129

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